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About Choosing a Major


University of Houston Requirements

Students who have not declared a major at the point of admission to UH will be offered assistance through Undergraduate Scholars at UH that will help them later make an informed decision about a major field of study.

UH Library Scholar

All freshmen students must declare a major once they earn 30 credit hours.

Newly admitted undeclared transfer students with less than 30 credit hours can remain undeclared for two semesters.

While at UScholars transfer students are required to seek vocational and career counseling to identify appropriate fields of interest, meet with their designated advisors at Undergraduate Scholars at UH to discuss potential majors, and consult with college and departmental advisors concerning major requirements. During this period these students will establish a University of Houston grade point average that will allow them to declare a major field of study.

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Helpful Resources for Choosing a Major

While some individuals may have a clear scholastic direction when they enter the university, others may still be exploring, or may need to choose a different major than they first intended. The following information will help you in choosing a major which is best suited to your preparation and goals, as well as helping you find the tools and information you need to make it a reality.

Select from the information below to get started:

Be sure to consult with an advisor if you have any questions about how to meet university requirements.

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