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Students interested in those professional areas for which the University of Houston may not offer a specific undergraduate or terminal degree can still find a solid start here at UH: Undergraduate Scholars at UH will guide you through the primary academic requirements to set you on the road to success in the fields of law, medicine, dentistry, nursing, other allied health professions, veterinary medicine, and more.

UH Library Scholar

If you have any questions, or if there is a pre-professional or post-baccalaureate area of study you are interested in which may not be detailed here, please contact us. We will be happy to help you explore the options available to you here at the University of Houston.

Interested in the fields of optometry, pharmacy, or socialwork? Please contact advisors from those University of Houston colleges for further information. Looking for information about the Joint Medical Admissions Program (JAMP)? Please see the JAMP section of our website. And to further explore the University of Houston's available degree programs, please visit the Majors and Minors section of the main UH website.

See also, websites for the University of Houston's graduate colleges: The Law Center, College of Optometry, College of Pharmacy, Graduate College of Socialwork


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